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5 New Year’s Resolutions for healthy 2020

5 New Year's Resolutions for healthy 2020


New Year-New Resolution!


Each of us makes at least one resolution every year-be it learning something new, starting a venture, reading more and the list goes on. Some may think of setting a goal for losing weight, but how many of us think about our overall health and wellness? Think about the bigger picture. Here are 5 Healthy resolutions for a Healthy 2020-


  1. Focus on yourself-we are so busy taking care of our kids, family, work, etc. that we often forget about our own health. Make a resolution to priorities yourself.


  1. Practice mindful eating-mindful eating means being aware of what you are eating. It should be free of any distractions. The brain requires 20 minutes to realize that the stomach is full. Focusing only on food while eating will ensure that there is no over-eating, which will in turn help in maintaining a healthy weight.


  1. Limit screen time-gadgets and devices have become an indispensable part of our life. However, it is important to set a limit on it and spend time reading books, playing, pursuing a hobby, etc. Meditation is also a great way to detoxify your system.


  1. Get adequate sleep-in the process of accomplishing laurels on the professional front, we often forget about the recharge that we need for ourself and end up getting sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation has long term detrimental effects on your body. Around 7-8 hours of sleep is essential every day.


  1. Move more-while regular exercise is important, being active throughout the day is also essential. Take the stairs, do some stretching at the desk, don’t sit in one place for too long-basically, don’t have a sedentary life.


The common joke is that New Year resolutions are meant to be broken. Almost all of us are guilty of breaking our resolutions. However, it’s time to bury the regrets and start afresh. These simple lifestyle changes are essential, not only for one healthy year, but for an entire healthy life.

Take Charge. Take Control. You’ve Got This!



Siddhi Takalkar-founder of NutriWorks is a Registered Dietitian in Pune with a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has a vast experience in advising diets for various health conditions and is the best Dietitian and Nutritionist in Pune for all your Nutritional needs.

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