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7 Tips to Stay Fit This Monsoon!

7 Tips to Stay Fit This Monsoon!

Welcoming monsoon is undoubtedly a pleasant experience after scorching summer heat. However, damp conditions in monsoon often increase susceptibility to health issues like viral fever, cough and cold, typhoid, pneumonia, dengue, malaria, etc. Humidity in rainy season can also decrease digestive capability which commonly causes gastric disturbances, diarrhea and dysentery. It is always better to pay extra attention to the food that you eat in monsoon to maintain your health and prevent these illnesses.

Tip No 1: Stay Hydrated

Due to humid conditions, our desire to drink water considerably reduces in monsoon. Drinking adequate purified or boiled water helps us to flush out toxins, boost immunity, to stay away from infections and to stay active.

Tip No 2: Eat Fresh and Clean

Wash your fruits and vegetables well before you eat them raw. You can eat steamed or cooked salads and sprouts instead of raw to deactivate active bacteria and viruses to prevent infections. Wash your vegetables always and soak your fruits in warm water to keep them clean and safe for consumption if taken raw.

Eat fresh fruits daily. They help you to restore energy and provide you with micro-nutrients. Avoid consuming pre-cut fruits since it increases microbial load. Apple, pear, pomegranate and guavas are suggestible. Avoid green leafy vegetables if not fresh and clean and restrict its consumption as grime and dampness in it makes it prone to germs. Consume bitter veggies and avoid naturally sour products like tomatoes, tamarind, lime, etc. You should incorporate almonds and walnuts in your diet.

Tip No 3: Say No to Fried and Spicy Foods

In monsoon we often crave for those hot fried onion pakoras. Consuming oily, fried, outside or spicy foods or foods that are prepared in bulk can increase chances of stomach upsets. If you have skin allergy, you should avoid spicy foods in monsoon as it increases body temperature and stimulates blood circulation and increases allergy and skin irritation.

Tip No 4: Season your meals

Add garlic to your dishes. It not only contains immuo-boosting properties but also help to ease our digestive system. You can also include turmeric powder, freshly ground pepper, methi seeds to our daily meal preparations to prevent infections. You can add cumin seeds and hing powder (asafetida) to prevent from digestive issues.

Tip No 5: Drink hot beverages

Soups are the best to consume whenever the weather is gloomy. You can add ginger to your tea which helps you to freshen up. Restrict caffeine consumption to prevent dehydration. You can also drink tea with ginger, pepper, honey and mint.

Tip No 6: Avoid too much of fish and meat

Fish and prawns breed during monsoon. So it’s best to avoid them during this time of the year. Or just ensure that you consume fresh variety which is cooked with extra care. You can prefer light meat preparations like stew and soup. Non vegetarian food products if not cleaned and cooked well can lead to increase in microbial load and predisposes us to infections. It is a good practice to keep your meals light and safe.

Tip No 7: Stay Active

Gloomy weather and the rains in monsoon can make you lazy. Sweat out the extra moisture, toxins and bacteria and stay fit. Stay active to stay fit. Do not give an excuse to not go for a walk in rains. Excuses will not burn calories. Exercise will!

Apart from all these tips, the key to maintain health in monsoon is personal hygiene. It is necessary to take precautionary measures to prevent infections. Wash hand before and after meals with some anti-bacterial hand wash.

Make sure you binge on the food that provides uttermost nutrition and you stay hygienic while taking all possible precautionary measures. Have a healthy and safe monsoon!

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