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Diabetes Facts…

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Hello all! Many of us have those “sweet” people with diabetes around us. India is already a diabetic capital ranking 2nd in the world for its diabetic population. This population is increasing day by day in spite of Diabetes being a Non-Communicable Disease [NCD]. So what if the prevalence is increasing? Why is diabetes so hyped? Or is it really a life threatening disorder? Let’s know some facts about diabetes. Diabetes is a disease where your blood sugars increase beyond normal [random BSL<140mg/dl] due to improper production, secretion or action of a hormone called insulin in your pancreas. What happens if […]

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Dieting or Die eating..??

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Hello everyone!. Today I start my “Nutrition Works” blog series where I focus on what exactly dieting is! Everyone talks about diet these days. People have become more health conscious. We see health centers on every nook and corner of the city. We see crowded gyms, zumba, yoga, aerobics and other centers. We see healthy food outlets coming up. We see restaurants displaying calories and proteins (nutritive value) of foods they serve. We see precise nutrient information on food labels of packaged food products. We see people practicing their own diet and exercise regime. Your environment may inspire you to follow […]