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Cardamom and Its Benefits in Daily Life


Indian food has variety of spices in it. They not only enhance taste but also have various medicinal properties. Food, not only should please your tongue or nose but also have a perfect texture and presentation. One such healthy spice is Cardamom.

Health Benefits of Cardamom

It is an antioxidant:

Cardamom increases the level of antioxidant enzymes in our body and protects us from damage to the heart and liver.

It improves heart health:

Cardamom intake reduces the risk of heart diseases and protects against heart damage. It acts as a blood thinner. Cardamom is also extensively researched to help in dissolving clots.

It boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss:

Cardamom helps in increasing metabolic activity and improves the heart and liver functions. It also aids in reducing belly fat by getting rid of unnecessary toxins.

It reduces joint pain:

Cardamom helps in alleviating joint pain by relieving the relaxation and contraction of muscles. It possesses anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to cure joint issues especially in older people.

It prevents growth of cancer:

Cardamom has been reached to protect our cells from DNA damage from radicals. It also reduces oxidation and prevents protein and fat damage. Daily intake of 2 seeds from cardamom reduces tumors of skin and stomach cancer, by preventing the cancer cells from multiplying.

It helps in eradicating dental problems:

Cardamom is used since ancient times for oral hygiene. Bad breath, cavities, decay etc is treated with the help of cardamom.

It lowers blood pressure:

Cardamom when taken orally helps in reducing blood pressure, due to its high manganese content. It increases the production of urine in the body and helps in excretion of sodium and potassium, thereby lowering the blood pressure.

It prevents sleep disorders:

Inhalation of cardamom or applying its oil can cure us from sleep related disorders like anxiety, insomnia etc.

How to use Cardamom in our daily life

Cardamom is used abundantly in Indian cuisines and sweets. It is also extensively used in tea and coffee. Cardamom powder is also added to milk along with other nuts and spices to obtain its optimum benefits. Boiling cardamom in water and gargling with it helps in curing throat infections. Thus, it is also used as a breath freshener. It detoxifies the body and thus is also added in detox water. Cardamom is also researched to improve sex drive. It also relieves us from gastrointestinal and urinary disorders. Cardamom is also commonly used in Perfumes, creams and soaps.

Cardamom though is an expensive spice, but its value and benefits outnumber its price. Consuming it in our daily lives may help us in remaining fit and healthy.

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