Child Nutrition Consultation

Childhood is one the most important phase of overall growth and development and Child Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of nutrition. Food choices and eating habits are usually developed during childhood. Also, prevalence of childhood obesity and sedentary physical activity preferences are increasing tremendously. Working parents and focus on consumption of outside junk food has also increased in past few years. Poor quality of diet during childhood can worsen complications of nutrient deficiencies directly affecting health, fitness, mobility and strength of body along with poor academic performances.

Qualified Child Nutrition Specialist in Pune Dt. Siddhi Takalkar-Deshpande is one of the best diet consultant in Pune who provides innovative easy diet charts for kids and gives a best of counseling session to not only children but also to their parents to ensure maximum compliance to diet charts. She also ensures to talk alone with kids to understand their problems whether psychological or social or peer stress to help them to manage best of their lifestyle and diet.

Many a times, children may also face from diseases like ADHD, Type I Diabetes, IBS, extreme constipation, sudden tremendous weight gain, etc. Nutriworks is one stop solution for all such problems. We guide you here in the best and easiest way to prevent any complications in long run.