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Dieting and The Importance Of Social Support

Dieting and Importance of Social Support

Diet challenges one’s self control that directly relates with efficiency of results and goals with which one follows a diet. Dieting is eating regulated and supervised food in order to maintain body weight or various blood parameters to prevent ourselves from diseases. Dieting is often hindered because of lack of support, be it family, friends or society.

What kind of support does a family / friends need to show?

The support a person receives when on a mission is extremely important, be it encouragement related to education, work or even dieting and staying healthy. It makes or breaks a person’s willpower. It also helps to keep a person on track with their goals and aspirations.

A person who is on a diet requires support in the following ways:-

  • Emotional

Probably the most important aspect in dieting, is the support and help we receive from people close and associated with us on a daily basis. Their encouragement and motivation pushes us and helps us to strive in achieving our weight loss/health goals. Having encouraging family/friends who help us lose weight by sharing workout goals, healthy recipes, by being our workout partners etc. Family can also help to make healthy food available. Families and friends / peers can together help to provide emotional support and help to keep away things and food items that can divert one from dieting.
  • Inspiring

Inspiration is the best way to move ahead. Having an example to look up to is motivation enough for anyone to reach their fitness goals through dieting. Online communities and forums where real life stories about dieting and achieving weight loss goals are posted are extremely inspiring and gives us clear help in form of their diet plan, tips, duration taken to lose weight/become fit and makes it all look easy and doable. Inspiration is also best when it comes from people who are most near and dear one’s. Family and friends can be the best people to inspire the individual on diet. Creating a healthy food environment at home is very important that can help one motivated to stick to the regime.

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  • Practical

Practical kind of support is very essential. It simply means putting the plan in action and actually working on it to achieve the desired results. Accessibility and time for a regular workout in the gym or indulging in exercise such as walking/swimming, having a backup to look out for children or elderly at home to ensure you are regular in your commitments. Always stock your kitchen with healthy and nutritious food instead of canned or ready to make unhealthy items. Take the help of a certified nutritionist/dietitian who will chalk out a plan keeping your individual case study, health and preferences in consideration to achieve a healthy and fast result. Find a support group which helps us to stay strong and focused throughout the diet and even after you achieve your goals to stay fit and healthy thereafter.

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Everything is doable and sustainable if we set our minds to it and have optimum social support. Dieting is no exception. Find such a support or be the support!

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