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Eating the Right Way, Mindfully and Intuitively

Eating the Right Way

What Is Mindful Eating?

When we consume food, we normally are so busy and treat it like a task to put off our to-do list. We fail to notice the colors, the taste, the texture, the aroma or ingredients of the food we are eating. We also fail to notice the amount of food intake and type of food we are indulging in.  Mindful eating simply means to observe and eat with attention to every detail of the food consumed and with gratitude for all that you have been bestowed with. It also means to eating without distraction, slowly and only till full. Mindful eating helps to appreciate the food you eat by minimizing the guilt and anxiety about consumption of any food. It therefore helps to you to eat to maintain overall health and wellness.

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What Is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is more like eating on demand and without any guilt. In this approach to food we eat when and what we feel like. Eating food gives us a feeling of pleasure and doesn’t restrict us to any diet or weight parameters as there is no guilt involved. It does not involve any diet approach but instead it nourishes your relationship with food. It helps you to focus on internal cues like hunger and satiety rather than external cues like food restrictions.

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Benefits of Mindful and Intuitive Eating

Mindful and Intuitive Eating goes side by side and complement each other. They help us in forming healthy eating habits in the long term without any quilt or pressure. It is beneficial in deciding our food choices and lets us relish it without out any time bound need and lets us enjoy our food making it more satisfying and nourishing. Being digitally free is an important part of it, where all TV’s, Mobiles etc are not allowed at the dining table for an interrupted meal without any distractions. Both give you freedom of food consumption. It does not restrict you any food and keep you away from guilt and anxiety due to food consumption.

Mindful and Intuitive Eating, Food Cravings and Weight Loss

The fact is that weight loss programs do not work for long term. But in both types of eating, it assures that you lose weight by changing your negative food behavior and by reducing stress. Negative emotions about food are replaced with positivity, awareness and self-control leading to a long term weight loss achievement. In this kind of eating, we eat more with our minds and senses and relish the food in all its goodness. It is more like an experience than a daily chore, and makes us eat more slowly absorbing all of its benefits.

The visual sight of food and its appreciation makes us feel fuller and happier, keeping our cravings at bay. It is an excellent way for weight loss as well. Less talking and no gadget interference don’t make us force feed ourselves and we don’t stuff unnecessary calories onto ourselves. Not being on a diet and not stressing and obsessing over weight, helps us to stay fit and choose our food items more carefully, thereby on its own leading to weight loss. Eating on demand is the key here.

Mindful and Intuitive Eating is more of a holistic approach to eating. It is to the body as peace and calm is to our mind.

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