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Fight Obesity This World Obesity Day

World Obesity Day

11th October is celebrated as World Obesity Day and I thereby write this article to help people fight with their obesity and maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate not only in adults but is also a concern in children and has become a worldwide epidemic. Obesity in layman terms simply means increased weight with respect to height or excess body fat of a person which leads to many negative effects on one’s body and mind leading to deteriorating mental and physical health. BMI (Body Mass Index) is used to measure the obesity of a person, (BMI = Weight in Kgs/ Height in m2). BMI above 25 is called an overweight person and a BMI above 30 is considered an obese person.


In today’s tech savvy and high pressure world, there is almost little or nil amount of physical activity undertaken to keep ones selves fit. With the advent of fast or junk food, as we like to call it, nutrition has taken a backseat. This kind of food that we eat is almost zero on nutrition. It contains only unwanted fat and calories as compared to healthy and wholesome fruits and vegetables.

Majority of times, obesity is a result of such an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity brings with it a host of illnesses and diseases like blood pressure, bone health issues, kidney problems, heart diseases, cancer, sleep disorders, diabetes, reproductive and fertility problems, depression, etc.


The 2 simplest and easy ways to manage and cure Obesity is through proper Diet & meticulous exercise.


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Obesity is a gradual process of lifestyle changes and unhealthy diet, wherein no one can become overweight overnight. Do not let your weight go out of control. Check your weight at least once a month.

Identify the reasons for your weight gain and obesity and if the reasons are within your control (excess consumption of calories in form of junk food, oily food, outside food, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise etc) work on it.

Obesity can be prevented by making healthy food choices and eating in moderation as per the body’s nutritional requirement. We should include more healthy food stuffs such as fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts to our diet. Switching to healthy vegetable based oil, inclusion of protein based food, consuming fiber rich food, adequate intake of water, smaller and frequent meals etc. helps in prevention of obesity.

Reducing intake of fatty and processed foods, canned or tinned items and limiting food items like salt, sugar, bread, pasta etc intake on a daily basis helps us in losing weight naturally. Smoking and alcohol should also be avoided. Avoiding overeating, late and heavy dinners can also help you with weight management.

Do not fall prey to any marketing advertisements saying healthy butter, cholesterol free oil, healthy/high fiber biscuits, supplements for all, etc. Read labels regarding its nutrient content of calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, preservatives and then decide whether its really healthy for you or not.

Simply eat only when hungry. Say No to eating when Not! Mindful eating with all your alertness about what you are eating, how much you are eating, are you really hungry, or is it just that you are eating because everyone is eating or the food in front of you makes you hungry? Take your own decisions considering your health when it comes to losing weight.

Maintaining your reduced weight is another task. Stay focused and keep following your diet well to prevent any further relapses.


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Adding in 30 minutes of exercise daily can do wonders to your health and keeps your weight in check as well. Walking, swimming, aerobic exercises, cardio, swimming, running, cycling etc are the exercise forms which can be chosen by an individual as per their comfort and endurance level for an overall body workout. Even walking daily at a moderate pace is a good exercise to keep one selves fit. Exercising reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and is a stress buster and mood enhancer.

Obesity is very much a self-inflicted disease due to poor nutrition and lack of physical activities and can be prevented and rectified by a strong will power, clean eating habits and adequate exercise. Take a vow today to eat healthy, exercise daily and stay fit.

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