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Healthy Food Environment

What is a food environment?

“It is anything where a person connects to fulfill his food needs, like the physical food which we consume in our diet, the stores or markets from where it is procured etc. It includes the people around us as well as all the people connected in obtaining the same from”.

Healthy Eating

Family and peers are the closest human bonds we have as individuals and their presence alter our food habits for good or bad. Healthy food eating habits are taught and incorporated within us from an early age by our parents and as we grow we learn the same from observing our peers. We learn from seeing, hence the base of healthy habits is learnt from an early age and we continue to reap its benefits along time as we age. If this base isn’t solid, our immunity becomes weak making us succumb to various diseases and illness. E.g. A child who is given nutritional food, fruits and vegetables along with good habits and manners is more healthy and fit than the child who survives on a diet of unhealthy or junk food. Food eaten together in a group of family or friends makes us more cheerful and happy and keeps us on track of not eating unhealthy or processed foods. Binge or unhealthy eating is more of a result of loneliness or stress.

In spite of increase in diet consciousness everywhere it is observed that healthy eating has become difficult for majority of population due to lack of time to eat, cook as well as availability of ready to cook, ready to eat and easily accessible foods at reasonable cost. But it’s high time now to think is it appropriate to consume such foods continually at the cost of heath?????

Food Advertising

Due to presence of social media and technology, we have everything available at the click of our mouse. Food industry is a booming one with people preferring to choose from a given menu and ordering at their convenience. Advertising plays a very important part in it, the way the food is presented and plated so as to entice and excite the viewer’s taste buds, offering various offers and discounts in keeping up with the competitors etc in a large way is responsible and contributes in generating most of the revenue of food industries. These days even food is readily delivered at home directly from restaurants and other food outlets for the ease of customer. Due easy access and lack of efforts required to get already prepared food easily plated in front of you the food environment turns unhealthy.

Disadvantages of improper food environment on health

“We are what we eat”, is extremely true. If our nutritional intake is good we can give a better output towards life and vice versa. Globalization and lifestyle changes have made us adapt to unhealthy food practices and makes us consume quick and ready to eat fast/junk food which has absolutely no nutrients and health benefits, which in turn has led to a rise in non-communicable diseases and ailments such as Obesity, Diabetes, Heart ailments, Metabolic syndrome etc. It is very important to get away from all these non-communicable diseases which are spreading at an alarming rate. Take care of your food environment or your self-control and dedication to maintaining your fitness can help you to bless yourself with the healthy food environment.

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