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Healthy Weight- Importance, Benefits and Understanding BMI

Importance of healthy weight

Being healthy should be one’s priority throughout their life. A person can enjoy all the worldly blessings with sound health and happy mind. To make people more conscious and aware of this blessing bestowed on us called Health, Healthy Weight Week is celebrated from 19th to 25th January.

What Exactly Does Healthy Weight Mean?

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A Healthy weight is foremost important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to keep you disease free with a strong immunity. A person’s healthy weight is measured by their BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI measure’s a person’s weight in respect to a person’s height. It differs from person to person and has a range where a person is categorized as healthy/normal weight, overweight or obese with grades I, II and III. A person whose BMI is within the range of 18 and 24.9 is considered a healthy person, 25 to 30 is considered in the overweight category and a BMI beyond 30 is considered obese.

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What Are The Important Measures To Keep Your Weight Healthy?

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Keeping oneself healthy is a lifelong process. What we eat is how we feel. Maintaining a healthy balance in the choice of food intake and lifestyle choice is very important.

  • If in the obese category, adding exercises to reduce the weight and controlling the calorie consumption is very important.
  • Keeping handy snacks at home which are filling and healthy that let us stay satiated and maintain our health as well.
  • Planning meals in advance keeps us off temptation and helps to maintain our required calorie intake.
  • Introduce yourself to some form of physical activity at least 5 days a week. It may be a simple walk around your neighborhood or enrolling at a gym/ zumba/ power yoga etc with a personalized plan.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast daily and serving in small portions is a handy tip.
  • Consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruits should be encouraged.
  • Intake of Tinned/ Canned/ Processed/ Junk food should be restricted along with alcohol restriction.
  • Getting adequate amount of sleep and sunlight, keeps most of the problems at bay.
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What Are The Benefits Of Maintaining A Healthy Weight?

Keeping yourself disease free and protection from different types of heart diseases, cancer, strokes, diabetes etc is one of the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight. We can indulge in the lifestyle of our choice by being healthy which boosts our self-esteem keeping us both mentally and physically happy and stress free.

Being healthy is a gift we give ourselves for a long, happy and disease free life. Stay fit stay beautiful.

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