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The Hazardous Ill Effects of Tobacco

Hazardous ill effects of tobacco

Every year World Anti Tobacco Day is observed on 31st May by the WHO (World Health Organization). It encourages people around the globe to practice abstinence from tobacco for a 24 hour period.

What Is Tobacco? And How Is It Made?

Tobacco is prepared from the leaves of the tobacco plant by curing it. It is an agricultural crop and contains addictive nicotine which is also cancer causing along with being unhealthy for the heart leading to many respiratory diseases. Tobacco farming is not safe for the environment as the use of pesticides and fertilizers depletes the soil of its nutrients.

Products in Which Tobacco Is Present and Ill Effects of Its Consumption

  • Tobacco is present in pipe tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, snuff, chewable tobacco, cigars, hookahs etc. The nicotine in tobacco is addictive and releases a stress free and relaxed feeling, which makes it addictive to the user. Ingestion of 50-60 mg of nicotine can also lead to death.
Via – “https://guardian.ng”
  • Inhalations of tobacco smoke, directly or passively, both increases risk of lip, mouth, esophageal and lung cancer.
  • Smoking is the primary cause of death for lung cancer globally. Even second hand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer.
Via – “www.europeanpharmaceuticalreview.com”
  • TB (Tuberculosis) caused by tobacco smoking damages the lungs and puts them at an increased risk of developing diseases like disability and respiratory failure leading to death eventually.
  • Pollution and Environmental hazards are side effects of tobacco smoke which also lead to cancer the smoke lingers in the air and puts at risk non smokers also.
  • Respiratory diseases are caused due to tobacco intake where mucus fills in the lung of a person and leads to difficulty in breathing and continuous cough. This is found in smokers who have been smoking since a young age eventually leading to asthma.
  • Impotency, fertility issues in women due to passive smoke or active intake of tobacco, miscarriage among pregnant smokers, nausea, dizziness, interference with other drugs in treatments, decreased appetite, brittle bones and teeth, discoloration of teeth, stress are some of the side effects of tobacco usage.
Via – https://smokinganfertility.weebly.com/

Tobacco and its hazardous ill effects are life threatening. Children should be monitored by parents for consumption of tobacco or any related products. Seemingly innocent and fun products like cigarettes and flavored hookah are as dangerous as smoking and have the same ill effects. Stay educated and stay protected.

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