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Lifestyle Modification And Why It Is So Important?

Lifestyle Modification
  • What is lifestyle and what do mean by it?

In simple layman terms, lifestyle of a person is simply the way he or she lives their life on a day to day basis in connect with the environment around them. Lifestyle of a person takes into account their culture, family, social class, interests, like, dislikes, activities they conduct both for leisure and work purposes.

  • What are the factors hampering our lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is utmost importance, not only for physical health but also for mental peace and sanctity along with betterment in our social and economic life.

The lifestyle of a person is affected by factors such as the food they eat, their physical activity, habits like smoking, drinking etc. Gender, age, education, social status also affects a person’s lifestyle.

A poor man’s lifestyle will have him working day to day for a meager amount of money with nothing left to spend on any activities or entertainment. They can only afford the mere basic necessities of life, as compared to the rich people who have money left at the end of the day to indulge in activities as per their liking and budget.

  • Why is lifestyle modification so hyped?

A poor lifestyle is not only a contributory factor for various non-communicable diseases but also leads to poor prognosis of the disease and thus becomes a major concern when it comes to management of diseases. Lifestyle modification means to bring out changes in our current way of living to gain optimum benefits and to stay fit and healthy. They enhance the longetivity of a person and have beneficial and positive effects on a person’s well being. They include changes in your sleeping pattern to ensure a person’s gets adequate amount of sleep, having regular and well balanced meals, spending at least 4- hours weekly on some form of physical activity, keeping the weight in check etc.

  • What is requirement of nutritionist and life style coach in one’s life?

Nutritionist and life coaches are trained individuals who are equipped to solve all our health problems. Along with providing health and diet plans, advice and medical prescriptions, they give us accountability and are there to support and help us in improving our well-being and health. They take into account all the factors affecting a person’s lifestyle and come up with a long term and unique solution which leads to total transformation of mind, body and soul. They provide a more holistic approach and modify a patient’s lifestyle to a more realistic and free of guilt.

A certified and practicing nutritionist along with their personalized programs helps in modification and improving our lifestyle.

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