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Practical Tips to Maintain Hydration This Summer

tips to maintain hydration

In the scorching summer heat, we need more hydration and liquid intake to keep our body’s fluid balanced from the loss of fluids due to excessive heat. The harsh and merciless summer drains our body of water due to sweat and urination leading to dehydration. If the water intake is inadequate in our body, it leads to dehydration nausea, dryness, headache, exhaustion, dry skin etc.

Listed below are some practical and simple tips to remain hydrated this summer.

Drinking good ol plain Water:

Nothing can beat the many advantages of water, especially in summer. Having a glass of water after getting up first thing in the morning and before / during / after exercise ensures we are hydrated throughout the day. To add variety and taste to it, we can mix lemon and mint leaves to it and consume, as this is also a summer cooler recipe and helps in removing unwanted toxins from the body and cleanses us from within.

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Coconut Water:

This is one natural drink full of health, vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to everyone and keeps our body energized and hydrated. It refreshes us from within.

Coconut Water

Consumption of milk or milk based products:

Drinking milk (cow, buffalo, soy, almond etc), buttermilk, yoghurt, curd all contain sodium and potassium and are wholesome. They help to relinquish the nutrients lost by excessive sweating and urinating.

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Keeping a water journal:

You can either write it in a diary or download an app to keep count of your water intake. Apps have an advantage of water reminders or alarms so it becomes easier to remember to hydrate ourselves. Also always carry a water bottle bottle with you. Researches say that access of water along with you helps to improve your water intake.

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Fruits and Vegetables:

We can get our dose of water from fruits and vegetables as well. Fruits and vegetables like Bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis, cabbage, spinach, watermelons, oranges, grapes etc are filled with water content and do the same job of hydrating us as liquids.

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Staying Active:

Being active and exercising at least 3-4 times a week keeps us physically and mentally fit. Hydrating yourselves before a workout is extremely important to prevent dehydration during exercise. Replenishing water intake post a workout is essentially required to make up for the loss of water in the body due to sweat.

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Finally Let us Know How much water to drink?

Yes though we must have heard a generalized recommendation of 8 glasses per day, water requirement during summers should be specifically calculated to match your intake with your requirement.

Generally requirement of water is 35 ml/ kg body weight. But it rises to 40 ml / kg body weight in summers i.e. if your weight is 60 kg, your requirement is 60 X 40 = 2400 ml/day which is 2.4 liters. Out of this, you can consume 2/3rd of your intake before evening and keep 1/3 to be finished up to night to prevent urination during night! (formula not applicable for patients with diseases related to kidney, reduced urine output or anuria/oligouria)

Do not mistaken thirst with hunger. This summer follow these simple and easily doable things to remain cool and hydrated. These pointers can be adapted throughout the year as well.

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