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Starving For Weight Loss? Strive Instead!


            We have seen many people around us who starve for weight loss or to prevent weight gain. This article is to create awareness among such people who think simply not eating food can lead to weight loss or though it may, it will not be a healthy weight loss.

            Starving is not consuming food purposefully which leads to severe malnutrition accompanied by permanent damage to internal organs and their functioning. Stop starving yourself especially under the term dieting! Dieting is completely different than starving. It involves consumption of calories and nutrients adequate to us depending upon individual needs. But starvation on other hand leads to complete deficiencies of various nutrients leading to malnutrition.

            Though you may lose few pounds by starving, it is not the unwanted fat that is thrown out of body; it’s the necessary proteins (muscle mass) that is used by the body as a source of energy. Due to this, starving leads to a decrease in BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) (It is the rate at which body uses energy at rest to perform vital functions.) This further reduces the calories burned by the body and can cause gain in weight later on.

            Starvation can also cause other major problems including malnutrition, constipation, loss of menstrual cycle, bone loss, dehydration, paleness, fatigue, electrolyte imbalance, brain fatigue, reduced cognitive abilities and other nutrient deficiencies with related to disabilities.

            Is this what we aim for when we starve? Not at all! Weight loss if done a healthy way makes you feel fresh, energetic, motivated, optimistic and confident. Strive to be fit… Not Starve!

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