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Stay Healthy This World Health Day

World Health Day

Worldwide, 7th April is celebrated as World Health Day and it also marks the founding day of WHO.

What Exactly Do You Mean By Health?

Good Health or being healthy means being mentally, socially and physically fit along with being disease free. A lifestyle which keeps us physically as well as mentally healthy should be adapted on a daily basis. Having a nutritious and adequate diet, indulging in exercise or physical activity of any kind, weight and stress management are all spheres of being healthy.

What Affects Health?

Most important and foremost factor affecting Health is Diet. The input we give our body affects the outcome from it. Having a nutritious diet adequate in all nutrients including minerals and vitamins, proteins carbs and fats ensures that we stay fit and healthy and the body is strong to fight diseases and germs.

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Environment, Stress, Pollution Level, Heredity, Genes, water intake of a person, Lifestyle and Habits like smoking, drinking, drugs intake etc. are all other factors that contribute to a health of a person knowingly or unknowingly.

Benefits of Maintaining Adequate Health

  • Being healthy, keeps us disease and stress free.
  • Health improves immunity.
  • It helps us fight illnesses and diseases like Cancer and Diabetes.
  • Being healthy also lowers risk of heart ailments like stroke and coronary heart diseases.
  • It helps to maintain weight and fights obesity by improving our gut health.
  • Most importantly being healthy, keeps us in a good state of mind and happy along with better memory.

Tips To Maintain Optimum Health

  1. Learn to recognize your gut signals. Check whether you are really hungry or is your body signaling you to drink water. Thirst is mostly confused with Hunger.
  2. Choose healthy natural foods over processed items. Restrict the unwanted unhealthy calories.
  3. Keep healthy snacks within reach, so the cravings for unhealthy food stay at bay.
  4. Eat meals on regular time daily.
  5. Be accountable for your diet and keep a partner to keep tabs with regarding regular diet and exercises. It keeps us motivated and in check.
  6. Exercise should be incorporated in some style in our daily routine. A walk 4-5 days a week is also good enough if done on brisk pace and with regular consistency. Use stairs instead of lifts and keep taking regular breaks to stretch your legs at a desk job.
  7. Consistency in diet and exercise is the key to maintain health. Keep up your motivation.
  8. Any time to feel like stopping your health activities due to other commitments, think over that why you started. Start from where you are with what you have and do all that you can!
  9. Tomorrow never comes. If you are the one who keep finding occasions to start, simply don’t wait for the perfect occasion. Say no to procastination. Do it now, before its late.

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Being healthy is the need of the day to enjoy this gift called Life. Happy World Health Day.

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