Everything You Need To Know About Alcohol – Recommended Amount, Benefits and Risks

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everything you need to know about alcohol

Alcohol as discussed in the earlier blog, has its own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be put in the black and white category and is generally considered in the grey area, where many official stats and reports recommend it as well as many dissuade its use. Health risks of alcohol consumption outweigh its benefits. Let’s learn about its advantages and disadvantages as well as its recommended allowance. Advantages Alcohol when consumed in moderation is said to lead to a longer life and also improves overall health. Many types of alcohol contain antioxidants which help in fighting diseases. Alcohol when taken […]

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Alcohol – Its Varieties and Unknown Facts

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Alcohol - Its varieties and unknown facts

Alcohol has become an integral part of our celebrations and festivities and is associated with both happiness and grief as well. When happy or celebrating people resort to alcohol. Similarly in times of stress, people depend on it for solace. It has its benefits as well as its drawbacks and is most often misused. Alcohol and its Varieties Alcohol,also known as ethanol, is produced by fermentation of fruits and grains. Its consumption slows down brain activity resulting in release of stress and giving a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction and relaxation. There are many different types and varieties of alcohol like […]