Everything You Need To Know About Alcohol – Recommended Amount, Benefits and Risks

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everything you need to know about alcohol

Alcohol as discussed in the earlier blog, has its own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be put in the black and white category and is generally considered in the grey area, where many official stats and reports recommend it as well as many dissuade its use. Health risks of alcohol consumption outweigh its benefits. Let’s learn about its advantages and disadvantages as well as its recommended allowance. Advantages Alcohol when consumed in moderation is said to lead to a longer life and also improves overall health. Many types of alcohol contain antioxidants which help in fighting diseases. Alcohol when taken […]

Disease Specific Nutrition Tips

Myths and Facts a Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

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Pregnancy Nutrition

Being pregnant is an extremely beautiful phase of life for any woman, especially more so for a first time mother. Along with happiness and joy, there is also an apprehension and worry, as every woman wants to stay in the best possible heath in their pregnancy and enjoy this stage of motherhood to the fullest. Once you are pregnant there will be people with a long list of do’s and don’ts, along with a lot of advices, some genuine and some totally unsolicited, which sometimes manages to scare and confuse you. The phrase” In pregnancy you eat for two” is […]