Body Shaming and Its Evil Effects and Repercussions

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Body Shaming

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan the most beautiful woman in the world, officially crowned Miss World 1994, Vidya Balan, an actor par excellence, Sania Mirza, a sports personality bringing laurels to our country, the plight shown of a common girl who was termed overweight as per potential bride standards in the movie “Dum Laga Ke Haisha”, what exactly is common amongst them and many more such people? In spite of them being at the top of their professional or personal lives, they all have been Body Shamed at some point of time in life. What exactly is Body Shaming? An unpleasant or […]


New Year New Beginnings – Easy Steps to Stay Fit and Healthy

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Easy Steps to Stay Fit and Healthy

Staying fit and healthy is our utmost priority every year. We wish to stay healthy throughout the year by eating nutritious food and being physically fit as well. Focus, positive lifestyle changes and motivation keeps us on track in achieving our New Year health goals. Being healthy doesn’t mean starving ourselves or being anorexic or thin. Being fit should be our priority, as fitness is more important to prevent or fight any sorts of diseases. Following these simple tips will keep you sailing throughout the year and make you achieve your goals:- Stay Motivated: Perhaps the most important thing in […]

Health and Fitness

Dining Late Often? Know the Effects!

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effects of dining late

Hectic schedules, working in shifts, long working hours, late night dinner parties or staying up late often may consistently make you familiar to consume your dinner close to bed time or have nibbling habits late night. When we consume majority of our calorie requirement throughout the day and keep our dinner early and light, it helps to promote overall wellness, control of appetite and adequate energy balance. Consuming food in excess quantities at night can affect your health. Know some of the most commonly caused effects due to late night dinner. Acidity: This is commonly experienced if you lie down […]