Compulsive Healthy Eating

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Compulsive Healthy Eating strengths & drawbacks

Eating healthy and feeling healthy has taken on an entirely new meaning in today’s generation.  But for some it’s more like a compulsive disorder. Looking and feeling good is much more than just outwardly presentation of our body, how we feel from within is equally important. In a quest to achieve the perfect body, we see people resorting to fad diets and succumbing to the so called healthy food which is probably damaging us more than healing us. ‘Orthorexia’ is the term we use for people who are obsessed with such healthy diet fads. Orthorexia in short is nothing but […]

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Eating the Right Way, Mindfully and Intuitively

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Eating the Right Way

What Is Mindful Eating? When we consume food, we normally are so busy and treat it like a task to put off our to-do list. We fail to notice the colors, the taste, the texture, the aroma or ingredients of the food we are eating. We also fail to notice the amount of food intake and type of food we are indulging in.  Mindful eating simply means to observe and eat with attention to every detail of the food consumed and with gratitude for all that you have been bestowed with. It also means to eating without distraction, slowly and […]