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Easy Tips to Stay Fit and Lean In Summers

Easy tips to Stay Fit and Lean

Summer is the best time to beat the cold lazy blues and get the fitness plan back into action. Summers provide us perfect opportunity to work out both indoors and outdoors at convenient hours. It also accelerates the weight loss process.

Let’s Understand Why It Is Easy To Lose Weight In Summers!

In the hot summer months, the daily calorie intake decreases as compared to the cooler months as appetite decreases trying to keep the body cool. Consumption of liquids, fruits and juices is maximized due to the heat and parched weather, leading to lesser calorie consumed as compared to what is burnt. In the cold weather, the calories tend to pile up to keep our body temperature warm by indulging in comfort foods.

Easy Tips for Weight Loss in summer

Hydrate yourself:

Have at least 10-15 glasses of water and some form of liquid intake like fresh juices, buttermilk, coconut water, etc in the hot summer months to compensate the loss of fluids from our body.

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Stretch everyday as soon as you wake up. Though it seems like a simple thing to do, its benefits far exceed the simplicity.

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Eat Seasonal and Local:

Summer brings with it a fresh produce of seasonal vegetables and fruits, which have a great water content and lesser calories.

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Sleep well. A good night’s sleep does wonders for the weight loss process and keeps us fresh throughout the day.

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Plan your meals:

Planning meals in advance cuts out the risk of having anything on a whim which is usually unhealthy. Sticking to your menu and its ingredients does not make us deviate from our meals.

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Get a fitness partner:

Join in a buddy/friend as your fitness partner. Having accountability and a partner improves the weight loss process more and keeps you motivated in achieving our goals.

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Exercise Daily:

Indulge in physical activity in the form of any preferred exercise like walking, jogging, cardio, gymming, swimming, cycling etc.

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Meal Frequency:

Eating small and frequent meals gives our body ample time for proper digestion and stops us from overeating. You can mid meals with healthy coolers and drinks which not only quench thirst but also detoxify and provides satiety.

Say No to Junk

Restrict artificial or canned foods and sweeteners to quench your hunger and thirst as they only contain fats and calories. Avoid processed, junk, Calorie, Fat and Carb loaded foods. Instead grab a fresh fruit like grapes and watermelons instead.

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Be Physically Active:

Attending to daily chores, keeps us moving and physically active. The summers is a great time to be outdoors and indulge in treks, activities, camps etc.

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Motivation for staying fit should be the key to successfully losing weight and summers is the best time to start on it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips to stay fit during this summer. I would like to follow your tips in my daily lifestyle so that I can maintain my beauty and health as well. Keep posting such helpful articles.

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