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Why Diets Should Be Sustainable?

Why diets should be sustainable

Of late we have been coming upon the term Sustainable Diet. What exactly does it mean and what is its importance and benefits? Let’s Learn.

What are Sustainable Diets?

Sustainable Diet basically means “a diet which can be followed for a long duration and is culturally and regionally accepted. It provides safe and healthy natural resources which are economic, healthy and affordable”.

Fad Diets versus Sustainable Diets

New and trendy diets which promise fast and unrealistic weight loss are termed as Fad Diets. E.g. Cabbage Soup diet, Baby food diet, zero carb diets etc. They have temporary effects and get detrimental to health in the long run as the body is left starving without a proper nutritional diet as they eliminate a lot of food. They also lead to imbalance in body composition, heart related problems and diabetes in the long run due to its unhealthy eating approach. It has also been observed that people change just one of their habits like taking smoothie, drinking water with lemon and honey, etc and expect to see results in overall health and weight loss.

To observe a complete change in oneself, a diet which includes overall simple easy to do changes which one is able to follow for a long duration to achieve best of health results. Sustainable Diets unlike fad diets, are more realistic, tailor-made and holistic in their approach to weight loss and health. They incorporate healthy and nutritious eating without harming one’s health or our ecological system. They don’t promote packaged or processed chemically laden food items and promotes fresh and naturally grown produce like fruits, vegetables, poultry etc.

Results of Short Term/Fad Diet V/S Sustainable Diet

Short Term/Fad diets causes acidity, headaches, nausea, fatigue, weakness in the body, constipation, alteration in body lipid levels etc. due to inadequate nutrients consumed. They also cause nutritional deficiencies in long run due to elimination of food items from our diet and starving which can be detrimental to health.

Sustainable diets are not only easy to follow as per one’s daily pattern, schedule and requirements but also health and nutrition friendly, holds the upper hand over Fad diets. A diet comprising of rich and wholesome food and nutrients in proper and adequate quantity according to one’s requirement and Recommended Dietary Allowances leads to long term health benefits along with promoting weight loss and healthy living. Restricting oily, fried foods, carbs, sugar, salt, sugar, maida and other processed foods adds to longevity and disease free living.

A Sustainable Diet is cost effective as well as practical and doable. One should always check for pros and cons of any fad diet before following it and to prevent oneself from adverse effects of it.

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