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Yoga and Its Physical and Mental Benefits

physical and mental benefits of yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga has been practiced and adapted in our Indian culture since times immortal and is also mentioned in the Rig-Veda. It is an ancient form of exercises for our overall physical and mental well being. Yoga contains physical practice of postures called ‘asanas’. Yogasanas  should be learnt and practiced under a licensed yoga instructor to derive maximum benefits from them and to avoid doing them incorrectly.

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Benefits of Yoga

In the recent years, other civilizations and countries have also started adapting yoga in their daily lives as a form of physical exercise, for their innumerable benefits. According to many studies, yoga has worked effectively in treating heart diseases, schizophrenia, cancer, asthma etc. It relieves period pain, aids in better digestion and helps in effective weight loss. It keeps us energized and positive the whole day.

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Best recommended Yoga exercises

All the yoga exercises and postures are beneficial and they work on specific body parts. The Suryanamaskar/Sun Salutation is the best whole body workout to be done every day in the morning along with the rising sun. Dandasana/Planks are great for tightening the abs and reducing stomach fats. The Bhujangasana/cobra pose, Vrksasana/tree pose, AdhoMukha Svanasana/downward facing dog pose, Shirshasana/headstand, Naukasana/boat pose are all extremely beneficial for overall health.

Super Benefits of Pranayam

Pranayama is an asana dealing with dealing with control of breath. ‘Prana’ means life or life force and ‘ayama’ means control. Pranayama improves blood circulation and improves concentration. It also helps in reducing anxiety and depression and keeps heart problems away. It relaxes both, the mind and the body. It improves lung capacity and various diseases of lung.

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Power Yoga and Weight Loss

Power yoga is a newer, intense and faster version of the traditional yoga which focuses more on body strengthening than breathing or meditation. It adapts the yoga postures according to the body needs and preferences. Power yoga helps in weight loss as it works on the core due to its fast paced asana combinations. It burns fat due to an increased metabolism. Power yoga aims at toning the body along with providing it with flexibility which leads to lean muscle mass and helps in reducing weight permanently. Know more about importance of exercise in weight loss

Yoga should be adapted in everyday life as its benefits exceed just physically. For mental peace in this stress free and competitive world, chanting along with some yoga asanas keeps us nourished and happy from within, leading us to a better quality of life.

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