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5 Healthy & Refreshing Summer Drinks

Summer comes with a lot of heat, sweat and dehydration. Extreme heat can make you feel weak and it is very important for you to stay hydrated. There are many fruits that are beneficial for your health during the summer time. These fruits help you cool down and help your body to stay hydrated and fight against the scorching sun. Like these fruits there are also some healthy and refreshing drinks suggested by the nutritionist at Nutriworks, best diet consultant in Pune, that help you stay cool this summer. Try these recipes suggested as diet tips for summer:

  • AamPanna:

This drink is must have in every Maharashtrian’s house. Made with King of fruits raw mango, cumin seeds, jaggery, salt and some water. AamPanna has a lot of health benefits, like it prevents iron loss from your body, cures digestive disorders, rich in nutrients like vitamins A and B, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and iron. Enjoy this delicious drink this summer.

  • Sugarcane juice:

This sweet delicacy is everyone’s favorite especially in summers. Sugarcane juice is not only full of flavors but has extremely healthy. Sugarcane juice helps your body get instantly energized, it also works for betterment of your skin, it fights cavities in your teeth and gets rid of bad breath. Sugarcane also helps your wounds heal faster. The best part about sugarcane juice is it helps you reduce weight.

  • Watermelon juice:

Watermelon itself has extreme health benefits and watermelon juice is basically juiced watermelon with a dash of lemon, salt and sugar. It has amazing health benefits like it helps you maintain your blood pressure level, helps in digestion, keeps you hydrated, helps you rejuvenate your skin.

  • Lemonade:

This very simple juice also known as nimbu paani, is the simplest drink you can make and enjoy in summer. This simple drink not only hydrating in nature but has health benefits, it helps you control your blood sugar level, has cancer-fighting qualities, extremely useful in clearing skin acne.

  • Buttermilk(Chaas):

Buttermilk has benefits like it helps in digestion, keeps you hydrated, detoxifies your body, rich in calcium, reduces blood pressure, fights constipation is no secret to anybody therefore enjoy buttermilk everyday this summer.

Enjoy these scrumptious and refreshing drinks this summer. For more such diet tips and tips about healthy food contact Nutriworks, best diet consultant in Pune

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