Weight Gain & Weight Loss Management

Obesity is the gravest of the disease, attacked almost half of the urban population. Major life style changes and working hours are the reasons for the growth in obesity. Nutriworks has best qualified dietician in Pune for weight loss who designs a calculated, scientific, sustainable and therapeutic diet chart considering the life style and calorie requirement of an individual. Nutriworks diet charts for weight loss are tailor made and are not based upon any fad diets, herbal supplements, etc. and does not force upon to choose any shortcuts. Final aim is achieved by fulfilling the smaller goals on the way. Counseling plays an important role in such Diets.

Discussion of the problems faced by the clients helps the dietitian understand any changes that are to be made in the diet plans. Also, constant motivation and keen observations are made during the counseling sessions that may help to modify the diet plan as and when required. A step by step plan is designed and made to be strictly executed at the client end giving the desired results maintaining healthy life.

The most important step after the program ends includes Weight Maintenance. A special Weight Maintenance training are taken at end of every program with weight cut offs and diet protocol to be followed for effective weight maintenance that prevents any kind of weight rebounds.