Diabetic Diet Consultation

Dt. Siddhi Takalkar – Deshpande is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Nutriworks not only provides diabetic diet consultation for management of diabetes but also educates them on various aspects of diabetes based upon various Biochemical parameters and other comorbidities present.

Diabetes being a life long condition, the diet provided is tailor made, sustainable and easy to follow. A detailed knowledge about diabetes management is explained in counseling session and easy ways to cope up with Uncontrolled Diabetes are illustrated.
In case of diabetic nephropathy, neuropathy, persistent hyperglycemia, diabetic ketoacidosis or any other complications present , our Diabetic Diet Consultants constantly help you to cope up with blood glucose levels, renal and other parameters. Diabetes is often treated as a disease manageable by onself without any expert advice when it comes to diet advice. Diabetes Management requires an effective diet counseling along with a calculated scientific and evidence based menu planning that has proper training on systematic monitoring of blood glucose, carbohydrate counting, food allowances, glycemic index of foods, glycemic load of foods, foods to allowed and foods to be avoided.
Visit Nutriworks and stay calm. You will get all of the above at Nutriworks. Book your consultation with us today.