New Year New Beginnings – Easy Steps to Stay Fit and Healthy

Easy Steps to Stay Fit and Healthy

Staying fit and healthy is our utmost priority every year. We wish to stay healthy throughout the year by eating nutritious food and being physically fit as well. Focus, positive lifestyle changes and motivation keeps us on track in achieving our New Year health goals.

Being healthy doesn’t mean starving ourselves or being anorexic or thin. Being fit should be our priority, as fitness is more important to prevent or fight any sorts of diseases.

Following these simple tips will keep you sailing throughout the year and make you achieve your goals:-

Stay Motivated:

Perhaps the most important thing in weight loss / fitness journey is motivation. We should always remember why we started or what our goals were every time we feel disheartened. Keeping realistic expectations keeps us on track and makes us focus on our long term goals. We will not see immediate results and that shouldn’t dishearten us, instead we should stay motivated and focused to be the best version of ourselves.

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Eat well:

Diet is the key factor in every fitness journey. Eating right is extremely important in any healthy diet plan. We should ensure adequate amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, proteins etc for keeping ourselves nourished and healthy. White food items like Salt, Sugar and Maida along with processed / packet food items should be restricted. Intake of Junk/Fast food should be totally avoided. Chewing meals slowly and properly is another habit we should include for proper digestion. Simply eat well and mindfully!

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Sleep Well:

Not just ‘Sleeping Beauty’, but even we need our daily dose of adequate sleep. It can range from 6-8 hours. Insufficient sleep is linked to heart, respiratory problems and also obesity. It is said lesser the sleep the higher the BMI.

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Sweat Well:

Staying active is extremely important to keep ourselves physically fit. It doesn’t necessarily mean going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Simple exercises like regular brisk walking/jogging, doing cardio, skipping, yoga, swimming, cycling or indulging in our favorite outdoor sports equally helps us to stay fit and strong. We should keep our self hydrated with adequate amount of water.

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Rest Well:

A simple and yet the most forgotten tip is to ensure adequate rest. Being rested is equally important as healthy eating and working out. Rest makes us replenish and rejuvenate ourselves. It is the body’s mechanism to repair and heal after all the daily wear and tear we are subjected to.

This year, let’s make simple transformations and keep ourselves fit both mentally and physically.

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