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Healthy Nutrition Tips for Kids

In today’s time healthy lifetime must be a choice and not some kind of trend which will fade away later. Every mother is concerned for their children and try her best to feed her kids food  full of nutrients. But let’s face it, kids are very fussy about food and all they want to eat junk which are less on nutrients side. Since there is so much exposure for kids all they want to have is pizza, burgers and soft drinks. All these can be avoided by simple tips which will make mother’s life easier to feed their child some tasty food with full nutrients.

Everything starts at home

It is scientifically proved that kids are influenced by their parents. So when you eat something like chips, pizza or something like junk then asking you child to eat healthy food is just not going to work. On contrary kids will do exactly what their parents do. So it is very important for a parent to eat health by themselves and then ask kids.

Keep it simple and fresh

Nowadays, many parents are busy working but try and prepare fresh meals rather using processed food in packages. Processed food is not at all healthy for anyone because it includes unhealthy levels of added sugar, sodium and fat. It will taste good but it has many cons for a body. It doesn’t have to be fancy meal or something but something simple and quick to prepare. Do meal planning if you are very busy and prepare food  accordingly.

Plan weekly meal

When you plan the meal in advance then it becomes more easy to shop necessary groceries and can avoid unnecessary junk at home. Plan meals which have some mount of protein, calcium and good fats for your child. Foods like eggs, milk, oats, almonds, and banana can be added in breakfast. Chicken, lentils, sprouts, veggies, can be added in lunch meal while something light and filling for dinner like khichdi, dal rice, curd rice and if you google you will witness when nutritious recipes for your small ones. Meal planning literally helps to keep a track on what your child eats and it becomes a habit of eating right at right time.

Avoid sugar

Eating excess amount of sugar can lead to heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and many. Due to this sugar takes place of important nutrients. I know we suddenly can’t stop eating sugar and especially with kids it is a big task. Jaggery is a great substitute for sugar which is much healthier and includes small amounts of B vitamins, minerals, calcium and many. All these benefit are missed by normal refined sugar. But again quantity matters, at last jaggery is again some kind of sugar so be easy with it.

Replace junk with healthy snacks

It is not an easy task to shift kids liking from chips, pizza, burgers and pastries to fruits, vegetables, homemade healthy snacks with some good carbs, proteins and nutrients.  It should start from early age as habit and if not then it’s never too late to start now. Our traditional Indian recipes have lots of health benefits if added less oil. Instead of fried chips go for baked ones(of course homemade), go for ragi/nachni chips which is rich in fibre, calcium and good for bones. Simple snacks like having handful of roasted nuts, chana(chickpeas), jagerry with handful of peanuts, til laddo, dates dark chocolate with some nuts laddo, fruits, makhana, air-popped popcorn without butter and many snacks with good nutrients.

Eat good fats

Fats are necessary for Children bodies that it helps them grow. Technically you see there are many types of fats but the ones am talking about is monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which needs to be in your diet. These fats are found in nuts, sesame seeds, walnut, fish which have goodness of omega-3 fatty acids.  Other food items like paneer, peanut, avocados, corn, cashew, chicken, coconut, milk and many. Most important I would like to add is ghee, it is must to have every single day but again in small quantity. For Kids try and add ghee in everything possible.

Be creative with kid’s meals

By creative I mean presentation of a meal which will lure them to eat. Like cutting fruits in different shapes using cookie cutter or just a fruit salad with different coulourful fruits. If your kids are fussing about vegetables then hide the vegetable in curries by simply grating them and kids will eat without knowing it. Have small portions of veggies like carrot, cucumber, tomatoes  as a snack(to tempt kids use cookie cutters or just cut it like French fries) and for dips you can go for hummus or some chat masala on top of it.

We hope all the tips help your kid to have a healthy lifestyle.

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