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Ideal gaps between meals and it’s effectivity in weight loss


There are many questions and suggestions on what should be the ideal time gap between two meals. According to Dt. Siddhi Takalkar-Deshpande a Registered Dietitian and Founder at Nutriworks you should have a gap of 3 to 5 hours between your meals. Here is how any longer or shorter gap can affect your process of weight loss:

Long Gaps:

When there are long gaps between meals, your body moves from a fat burning mode to a fat preservation mode. That means that your body will burn muscle instead of fat. This eventually slow down your metabolism and cause a depletion in body lean mass.

Also eating only couple of meals per day fluctuate your blood sugar levels. Those blood sugar fluctuations are often responsible for food hogging. So when you eat your meals, you end up overeating and cancelling out any calorie restriction gains you have accomplished during the day.

Small Gaps:

If you take short gaps between your meals, you may face problems that can hurt your vascular system, as well as make you gain weight and you can end up with high glucose levels in the blood. The peak of the glucose generated from the first meal will collide with the glucose from the second meal and result in a bigger glucose peak. This can lead to excessive glucose levels in the blood that can slowly ruin the vascular system. Additionally, not waiting long enough add more calories to the digestive process than what your body needs.

A 3 to 5 hour gap between your meals are proven to very effective and ideal for weight loss. Our digestive system takes 3 to 5 hours to digest the food completely. So, the ideal gap between your meals should not be more than 5 hours. Exceeding the time limit may cause acidity in the stomach. Not waiting long enough can also lead to over consumption.

By sticking to a specific time routine, you will be able to lose weight in an effective way and are less likely to develop cardiovascular problems. 12 hour gap between your dinner and breakfast is excellent for complete digestion of food. It will also promotes sound sleep and help to maintain the cardinal rhythm of the body.

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