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Importance of Protein Consumption in Weight loss

In the age of lockdown, we are becoming adjusted to the ‘new normal’. And by new normal, it means staring at the computer screen for an unhealthy amount of time, attending never ending Zoom meets and stuffing our mouths with junk and fried foods, gulp down maggi or pakodas.

We have become so comfortable in our PJs, that we’re not sure whether we would fit into our jeans anymore. Which basically means, that we’re not taking care of our diet anymore.

Did you know, that consuming more protein in our food actually helps in losing weight? So, foods like eggs, meat, poultry, fish, tofu or cereals like beans and legumes, also dairy products like cheese and cottage cheese are a high source of protein.  Consuming a high level of protein, with a proper balanced diet helps you to gain the fitness you desire.

So, if you’re seriously thinking of trimming down in a healthy approach, here is the importance of protein consumption that helps in reducing weight:

1) Satiable hence saves calories

Consuming more protein makes our stomach feel fuller, hence prevents us from consuming more calories.  So, the next time, you head to the fridge for a midnight snack, remember that you’re just filling it with more carbs. Instead, opt for a meal of boiled eggs or baked chicken.

2) Balances out the carbohydrates

Consuming protein balances out the sugar craving.  It slows down the absorption of sugar. So, if we pair carbohydrates with proteins properly, it will prevent you from stuffing chocolates and drinking soft carbonated drinks which have a very high level of carbohydrates.

3) More Energy for Breakdown

Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) is the energy used to breakdown the food components into small, digestible portions. Consuming proteins requires a lot of TEF as compared to other foods. Hence, digestion of protein based food requires more calories to burn.

 4) Helps Muscle Repair and Growth

After intense workouts, it is important to have a more protein based diet to refuel and replenish the muscle. Protein promotes the repair and wear and tear of muscles.

Not just consuming protein, but having an overall balanced diet and the right amount of exercise is the way for an effective weight loss.

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