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Management of Diabetes made easy with Nutriworks

Diabetes management can never be easy to manage, we at Nutriworks have best diabetic diet consultation in Pune, we provide diabetic diet consultation for management of diabetes but also educates them on various aspects of diabetes based upon various Biochemical parameters and other comorbidities present. The following tips are a general lookout on what general diabetes should be.

  1. Eat fruit and Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables not only make great meal, but also have many great nutrients. They have vitamins, minerals and fibre that is required for your body. There are many myths around fruits being unhealthy for diabetes, but fruits contain natural sugar and these don’t harm your body. You can also enjoy fruits and vegetables as healthy alternative to snacks.

  1. Choose fat wisely:

Our body need fat, because fat converts into energy. The fat also can be harmful for your body as it builds up cholesterol and this can lead to heart problems. To need to stop eating products like

  • red and processed meat
  • ghee
  • butter
  • lard
  • biscuits, cakes, pies and pastries.
  1. Your snacks need to be smart:

Everyone craves for something or the other between to meals to satisfy your hunger or your taste buds, while giving up to these cravings make smart decisions and enjoy healthy snacks instead of regular salty or fried snacks. Be prepared to such snack time with snack like fruits, nuts or yoghurt.

  1. Choose alternative carbohydrates:

Every carbohydrate you consume adds to your blood sugar level, choose your carbohydrate wisely. You need to plan your meal and carbohydrate consumption wisely, giving your body exactly what it needs. Here are some good carbohydrates you can opt for instead of regular carbohydrate sources:

  • whole grains like brown rice, buckwheat and whole oats
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • pulses such as chickpeas, beans and lentils
  • dairy like unsweetened yoghurt and milk.
  1. Avoid additional sugar:

Your body generates its own sugar and then uses this produced sugar for the functioning of the body, additional sugar adds on to your weight and can make it extremely hard to maintain your blood sugar levels. You can swap additional sugar to sugar alternatives that are low fat in nature helping you enjoy the sweets and maintaining the blood sugar level.

All these tips can be really helpful to manage diabetes but a personal consultation about your meal plan and diabetes management is best. We at Nutriworks have best diabetic consultant in Pune that provide you with effective diet counseling along with a calculated scientific and evidence based menu planning that has proper training on systematic monitoring of blood glucose, carbohydrate counting, food allowances, glycemic index of foods, glycemic load of foods, foods to allowed and foods to be avoided.

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