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Ideal gaps between meals and it’s effectivity in weight loss

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There are many questions and suggestions on what should be the ideal time gap between two meals. According to Dt. Siddhi Takalkar-Deshpande a Registered Dietitian and Founder at Nutriworks you should have a gap of 3 to 5 hours between your meals. Here is how any longer or shorter gap can affect your process of weight loss: Long Gaps: When there are long gaps between meals, your body moves from a fat burning mode to a fat preservation mode. That means that your body will burn muscle instead of fat. This eventually slow down your metabolism and cause a depletion […]

Tips for Kids

Healthy Nutrition Tips for Kids

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In today’s time healthy lifetime must be a choice and not some kind of trend which will fade away later. Every mother is concerned for their children and try her best to feed her kids food  full of nutrients. But let’s face it, kids are very fussy about food and all they want to eat junk which are less on nutrients side. Since there is so much exposure for kids all they want to have is pizza, burgers and soft drinks. All these can be avoided by simple tips which will make mother’s life easier to feed their child some […]

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8 Super foods to enhance child’s memory for exam

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8 Super foods to enhance child's memory for exam

The exam season is approaching and everyone is stressed-parents, children, pets and even neighbours! Study hours go on till late night or sometimes, begin even before the sun is up. TV time gets severely restricted and anything (read ice cream) that can cause even a small sneeze, is completely banned till vacations. You take so much precaution of your child’s health and make sure they study well, but how about also helping them to retain their knowledge better? A few dietary changes can really be beneficial for their brain function. Here is a list of the top superfoods to boost […]

Disease Specific Nutrition Tips

15 reasons to consult with a Registered Dietitian

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Registered-Dietitian Siddhi Takalkar

The incidence of non-communicable diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, liver and kidney disorders etc has significantly increased in our country. Therefore, it is becoming extremely important to lead a healthy and physically active lifestyle, which requires diet modification and counselling. Various chronic disorders also require specialised medical nutrition therapy along with psychological counselling. These should be scientifically proven and done by a well qualified person. A dietitian is an expert in the human diet and nutrition, making modifications based on the patient’s conditions, needs, medical requirements and other factors. A well qualified dietitian holds at least one degree […]