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Types of Fasting and Impact of fasting during Navratri


Navratri is Indian festival spread over a time span of Nine days, it is celebrated to rejoice and remind everyone of Durga ma’s victory over Mahishasur. In this festival many people are known to fast as a homage to Durga Ma, here is Dt. Siddhi Takalkar-Deshpande explaining types of fast and it’s impacts on your body’s nutrition.

  • Water Fasting:

People observe water fast during Navratri. In this type of fast people are only allowed to drink water and no the liquid like coffee, tea, milk etc. This also excludes food. This diet can vary according to many people’s beliefs and their culture.

While water diet can benefit your body by getting rid of dead cells, promoting the production new cell, it lowers high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels and even reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases, but it has side effects too like light headedness, feeling dizzy, it can cause eating disorders. It can also cause nutrients deficiency.

  • Only one meal:

Some people  only eat one meal a day in Navratri, it is usually after sunset. In this type of fast people are allowed only to eat once a day and the timing is usually kept the same.

This type of fasting helps you get rid of toxins in your body and reduces inflammation. But because you have such long gaps between your meal your sugar level fluctuates and it can cause your body to feel weak. We also end up hogging because we feel hungry and that has bad consequences on our health.

  • Regular Meal but only with foods allowed for fast:

In this Fast type people eat their meals at their regular timing but the food included has their restriction. Many of these food are common all over India but some have exception like in some parts tomato is also allowed in fast.

Because this fast allows only a certain kind of food, the body can lack in some factors. Most of the food allowed is very fibrous in nature but lack in other things such as carbohydrates and proteins.

All the types of fast have a health benefit , so consult a nutritionist in Pune before committing to a nine day fast. Having said that fasting is peoples way of showing devotion to their deity and their homage to blessings they receive. So make yourself happy, healthy and  blessed this Navratri.

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